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Cochise County, Arizona


Location:   The Headquarters are twelve miles east of Highway 191 on Rucker Canyon Road, a county graded road.  Elfrida, Arizona, the nearest town and post offices is five miles south of Rucker Canyon Road on Highway 191.  Douglas, Arizona, is thirty miles south of the ranch and Willcox, Arizona is forty-three miles north of the ranch.

Land Tenure:  


 acres deeded land


 acres State Grazing Lease


 acres BLM Grazing Lease


 acres adverse use


  acres total or approximately 82.28 sections

Carrying Capacity:  1000 Animal Units

Real Estate Taxes:  2004 $4,038.70

Grazing Fees:  2005 State of Arizona Grazing Fees $12,315.07


Headquarters at Rafter X include a main house, bunk house, shop and guest room, barn, hay storage barn and shipping corrals with scales.

CJ Ranch includes a house, guest house, barn and shop and shipping corrals.

Squaretop Ranch includes a mobile home, tack room and working corrals.

Utilities:  The headquarters and other units are served by Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative and Valley Telephone Cooperative.

Water:  The ranch is watered by thirteen wells, twenty-seven dirt tanks and 8 miles of pipeline.  There is an irrgation well at the Rafter X headquarters pumping 1000 GPM from 300' depth that has been used to irrigate a small pasture in the past and presently used to fill two dirt tanks.

Operations:  The ranch operates three units, the Rafter X, The CJ and Squaretop.  The headquarters are at the Rafter X. The CJ and the Squaretop have houses and working corrals.  The ranch runs cows and calves, yearling steers and heifers and pasture cattle.  The ranch is divided into sixteen major pastures, ten smaller pastures or traps and an intensive grazing cell.  There is a set of working corrals at the Squaretop.  The ranch has a history of running 1000 AU.

Elevation:  The headquarters are at 4,900' ASL.  The lower western edge of the ranch is about 4,000' ASL and the higher hills reach about 5,500' ASL.  Most of the ranch lays between 4,500' and 5,200' ASL.

Climate:  The ranch averages about 16" of rainfall annually.  The ranch enjoys warm summer days with cool nights.  Winter brings occasional snow although it seldom stays on the ground.

Topography:  The ranch generally slopes to the west from the Swisshelm Mountain down to the Sulphur Springs Valley floor.  The ranch is level to rolling hills from the Swisshelm Mountains west.  The Squaretop Hills are scattered through the northwest portion of the ranch.  Rucker Canyon, Ash Creek and White Water Draw are the main washes through the ranch.  These drainages only run water during summer thunder storms and during wet winter spells.

Vegetation:  The ranch produces spring weeds and forbs such as potota, bloodweed and six weeks gramma.  The perennial grasses include black, blue and sideoats gramma, cruly mesquite, plains love grass, boers lovegrass, vine mesquite, plains bristle grass, green sprangletop, laymans lovegrass, Arizona cottontop, tobosa, sacaton, bushy muhly and canes beard grass.  Shrubs and trees include winter fat, chamisa, mesquite, hackberry, ash, oak and sycamore trees.

Wildlife:  The ranch has an extensive variety of wildlife.  There are mule deer, Coues deer and white tail deer on the ranch.  There is an occasional black bear and mountain lion through the ranch, making a circle from the Chiricahua Mountains to the Swisshelms.  Other big game on the ranch are javelina.  Small game include foxes, bobcats, and coatimundi.  There are three varieties of quail, California gambel, mearns and scaled quail.  There are numerous ducks on the ponds during the winter migrations.  The ranch is mostly in Hunt Unit 30A with the eastern side of the Rafter X in Unit 29.

Price:  $11,000,000 Cash

Remarks:  This ranch was established initially in 1897.  Several neighboring ranches have been added over the years.  The asking price does not include livestock or equipment.  Livestock may be available at private treaty.  Pasture cattle on the ranch, depending on the time of year, may have six months from date of notice to be removed from the ranch.

Approximately 40 acres could be cleared and irrigated from the irrigation well.

The adverse use land is deeded land that has been subdivided and sold in lots of 2 acres on the CJ Ranch and up to 40 acres in size on the Squaretop Ranch.  The adverse land in the CJ Ranch (approximately 5,650 acres) are 2 acre lots sold by the Horizon Company as Sunsites Ranches.  CJ Ranch State Land Leases are interspersed within the Sunsites Ranches lots.  Very few of these lots have been fenced.  The adverse land in the Squaretop Ranch (approximately 10,000 acres) are 40 acre lots in Ash Creek Ranches.  The ranch holds a recorded grazing assignment on the unfenced lots in Ash Creek Ranches.  There are 40 acre parcels that have been fenced in Ash Creek Ranches and permanent residences are on those parcels.

The ranch has the use of the adverse land at no cost.


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