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Cattle Ranches, Horse Ranches, and Farms

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Cross Y Ranch



Yavapai, Arizona

Bud Johnson Horse Ranch & Roping Arena



Pima County, Arizona

Bushman Farm and Ranch - SOLD



Navajo County, Arizona

Rafter X Ranch



Cochise County, Arizona

Hall Farm in Eagar



Apache County, Arizona

Hunt Farm



Apache County, Arizona

Contreras Ranch



Yavapai County, Arizona

Interstate 40 Dennison Interchange



Coconino County, Arizona

Ted Lee Farm - SOLD



Graham County, Arizona

W Diamond Ranch - SOLD



Yavapai County, Arizona

Black Rock Ranch - SOLD



Navajo County, Arizona

Morgan Ranch - SOLD
Graham County, Arizona
Rolands Ranch - SOLD



Mohave County, Arizona

Snure Ranch - SOLD



Cochise County, Arizona

Squaretop Ranch - SOLD



Cochise County, Arizona


Arizona cattle ranches are diverse in elevation, climate and land patterns across the state.  Almost all Arizona ranches have some deeded land but the carrying capacity is usually in the form of grazing leases from state or federal agencies.  This is reflected in the total land ownership of the State of Arizona. 

 16% of the total 72,960,000 acres in the state is in private ownership.  About 13% of the state is State Trust Land, 15% is United States Forest Service land and 20% is U.S. Bureau of Land Management lands.  28% of the state is held in Indian Reservations and about 8% is other government land, i.e. military bases, veterans hospitals, other government ownerships. 

 The private land outside the cities and towns of Arizona together with the grazing leases from the State of Arizona, the Forest Service and the BLM are where Arizona ranches are located.  None of the Indian Reservations or other government lands are included in Arizona ranches that may be boughct or sold.  Therefore, generally an Arizona Ranch will have 10% or less deeded land in its land tenure with the majority of the carrying capacity held by a grazing lease from one or more of the agencies.  Typically, the deeded land in the ranch is where the headquarters is located and has the majority of the value in an Arizona Ranch.  Because there is such a limited amount of deeded land in the state, even deeded rangeland carries a value that is proportionately higher than you might expect because it controls a larger area of grazing leases and gives stability to the ranching operation.  

Please Call us to discuss the grazing leases and the carrying capacities of our listings.

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